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Address: 8680 AC Skinner Parkway, Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Telephone (Main): 904-423-5348
Fax: 904-423-5349
Email: info@southsidecharter.org

If you would like more information about what charter schools are, the advantages Charter Schools USA brings or would like to find another Charter Schools USA school in your area. Visit us at www.charterschoolsusa.com.


Name Position E-mail address
Ashley Doty Principal adoty@southsidecharter.org
Jody Brinkman Assistant Principal jbrinkman@southsidecharter.org
Raynesha Jones Enrollment Manager rjones@southsidecharter.org
April Williams Regional Director awilliams@charterschoolsusa.com
Carla Butler Before-After Care Director cbutler@southsidecharter.org
Michael Weyer School Operations Administrator mweyer@southsidecharter.org
Cece Zamora Parent Representative czamora@southsidecharter.org
Adam Cross Regional Director